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N. Veitchii x Lowii BE-4006

N. Veitchii  is found at elevations of between 0 and 1600 meters.

N. Lowii is found at elevations of between 1650 and 2600 meters.

On average, a N. veitchii x lowii hybrid is likely to prefer conditions similar to those found at elevations of between 825 and 2100 meters. This range is highlighted in purple on the chart above, and equates to temperatures of approximately 23 - 29°C (73 - 84°F) during the day, and 13 - 19°C (55 - 66°F) at night.This is only an estimate - there are many other factors to consider, particularly for hybrids. These include male & female parentage (remember that Nepenthes are dioecious!) and whether either of the parent species is particularly challenging to grow.

   This is a wonderful hybrid as the photos clearly show. It produces huge pitchers and is the only plant to have caught small rats in our nurseries, probably because it exudes nectar from around the bristles on the underside of the lid, that attracts rodents, a trait it has inherited from N. lowii which evolved an amazing mutualistic relationship with the tree shrew Tupai montana.

Because this is technically N. (veitchii x lowii) x (veitchii x lowii), we expect to see more than the usual amount of variation in this cross, as it should exhibit the variability usually associated with a hybrid swarm. In other words, whist most clones should resemble the parent plants (both of which look quite similar to one another), we do expect some clones to tend towards either N. veitchii or N. lowii. At the time of launch it’s too early to distinguish this possible trait.

The photos shown here are representative and may not be identical clones to the plants you receive. The mature pitchers are of one or other of the parent plants and the last photo in the series shows one of the clones that has arisen from this cross. Please note that new pitchers exhibit a striped peristome, even on large plants, but they gradually darken, as can be seen on the photos of mature pitchers.

Climate: Highland-Intermediate

N. Veitchii x Lowii BE-4006

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  • These plants are Hardy and Growing incredibly fast since settling in here. We keep all our plants until they show new growth which can take several months. This helps us provide our Customers with a Well Established Potted Plant. We do NOT Import and Flip the Plants immediately upon arrival, this is too much stress on the plants. Every Shipment & in House Exclusive plant is inspected everyday and We will Not sell/offer any plant Until it is Time.  Our Passion leads to nothing but the best in what we Share with You. 

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